Ideal Homes, RDS. 2022

What a weekend !
Firstly a big Thank You to everyone who bought my paintings. I got some great commissions as well so all in all it was a successful weekend.

Secondly the raffle for the Sunflowers for Ukraine was very special as I got a lovely girl from Ukraine to pick the tickets, she arrived in Ireland a few weeks ago with her mother. Her name is Daria and she was helping out on the stand beside me, with her sister who has been living in Ireland a few years. So the story gets interesting now because out of 90 tickets the first one she picked out was Thomas the owner of Handlecraft, next one was a friend of mine and third one was incredible as it was Daria herself!! We could not believe it, you couldn't make it up. I think it was fabulous that this family who have been through so much got a little joy yesterday. The universe was in tune with them. Photo of my stand below.